Aveda Artist Amanda Faia of FOURTEENJAY in New York City took on the task of showing us how to create this season’s must-have summer styles. We’re talking about the Crown Braid, the Half Up Bun— yes, “The Hun!” — and the Half Up Braid.

As a stylist, Amanda strives to make people feel like their best selves. “I love the beauty industry and I really do believe that when you look good and take care of yourself, you just feel better in general.”

So how does Amanda feel about going from behind the chair to Aveda’s YouTube beauty star? “It’s been such a fun experience and I loved leading the how-to looks,” she says. “It was a great opportunity and I’m so thankful to have been a part of it!”

Check out those videos here and learn some key Aveda Artist tips from Amanda:

The Crown Braid

I love this style for a concert or any outdoor event during the summer months. It’s super cute and a perfect look to help you cool off, while still looking stylish. I also love it if I need to quickly control my naturally curly hair.

It’s really important to do moisture treatments for the hair during the hotter months. Aveda’s in salon treatment Botanical Hair Therapy for hair and scalp is great to do every month!

Half Up Bun

The Half Up Bun, or rather “The Hun,” is definitely my favorite look of all these styles! It’s so cool and offers you the best of both worlds: hair up and down. I would wear “The Hun” anytime, casual or dressy. If I were going for a more casual look, I would keep the bun a bit messy. For a dressier look, I would prefer it to be on the smoother side.

When it comes to styling, it’s important to put styling products in right away, before your hair starts to dry and frizz. Timing is everything. Once it’s starts to frizz it’s hard to control, so it’s best to prevent it from happening at all.

Half Up Braid

For me, the half up braid is more of an everyday look, which works perfectly for my naturally curly hair. Also, it’s a great option for those times where you are trying to get one more day in before you have to wash your hair.

I’m a huge fan of diffusing hair dry, but if you prefer to let your hair air dry, that’s great also! If you do this, I would recommend clipping the top section of hair up to make sure you still get a little lift and that you prevent the top from becoming too flat.

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